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Skin Care

Trilux Enriched Foam Soap Systems

The perfect balance between luxury and value, the Trilux Enriched Foam Soap systems use highly concentrated formulas. Our enriched, dense formulas help control usage and reduce waste.

Trilux Enriched Foam Soap delivers more than 2,000 hand washes per refill – up to a 40% savings over both traditional liquid bag-in-box soaps and competitors’ foam soaps. The metered pump dispenses a pre-lathered foam soap into the palm of your hand. Because of the foam’s richness and density, only a 0.4ml per dose is needed instead of the 0.7ml per dose used by traditional foam dispensers.








Trilux Spray Soap Systems

Trilux Spray Soap systems are the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Ideal for high traffic locations, Trilux Spray Soap uses a revolutionary metered spray delivery to maximize skin coverage. Users receive a thorough hand wash while facilities enjoy up to a 60% savings in soap consumption. Spray soap dispenses a 0.2ml dose vs. the 0.7-1.5ml per dose of conventional systems.

Available in two sizes, the 400ml refills last for up to 2,000 hand washes and the 800ml refill up to 4,000 hand washes. And, Trilux Spray Soap is kind to the environment by reducing packaging and releasing 60% less chemicals into water systems.








Trilux Instant Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize your hands without water, soap and towels. Trilux Instant HandSanitizer has proven in laboratory tests to kill 99.99% of pathogenic micro-organisms on the skin, reducing cross contamination and helping prevent the spread of disease. Unlike traditional gels, our hand sanitizer dries quickly and leaves a non-sticky feel. Kind to the hands, Trilux Instant Hand Sanitizer uses natural ingredients to help retain your skin’s moisture, even with repeated use.










It redefines automatic foam soap dispensing by combining the highest capacity system of its size with world-class reliability and environmental savings. It is the latest innovation by Technical Concepts. Utilizing its patented Smart Sensor and Cam Gear technology, AutoFoam delivers a much smaller dose of very concentrated, enriched foam soap to provide the most hand washes – 37% more than similar foam systems. This energy efficient technology ensures an industry-leading battery life of 120,000 doses or 3 years. Plus, box-less refills reduce packaging waste for maximum environmental savings.

- Low battery indicator – Yellow light will blink (optional audio signal)
- Low refill indicator with 100 doses remaining – Red light will blink (optional audio signal)
- Large capacity 2,750 handwashes (1100 ml)
- Key locked dispenser protects batteries and refill
- Industry leading battery life: 120,000 handwashes or 3 years, whichever comes first