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Touch-Free Washroom Care

At Trilux we promote a variety of touch free products to satify many clients. Below are 4 of our top selling Touch Free Washroom Care products:


Touch Free Washroom Care – AutoClean LCD

Surface Care and Drain
Maintaining Systems
AutoClean® LED / AutoClean® Service /
AutoClean® LCD / AutoJanitor™

Surface Care Systems attack
and eliminate odors at the source,
automatically cleaning throughout
the day and/or night ensuring
toilets and urinals are clean, odor free
and presentable. The systems
are uniquely designed to dramatically
improve the overall cleanliness
and image of any washroom.

- Keeps drains clear and fixtures clean
- Refills include:
– Purinel Drain
Maintainer and Cleaner
– Fragranced
- Cleaner and Deodorizer
- Easy installation
- Flexible programmability
- Dependable refill cycles
- Dispenser installation kits available

Touch Free Washroom Care – Auto Faucet

With Surround Sensor Technology (SST)

AutoFaucet® SST is the most reliable, user-friendly commercial faucet available. The omni-directional activation replaces outdated infrared sensors. In addition to enhanced hygiene the SST reduces water usage up to 70 percent.

- Omni-directional sensing zone
- Reduces cross-contamination
- Dry cam-gear reliability – no solenoid
- Reduced water consumption
- Can contribute to LEED credits
- Four styles and three finishes available
- 2 year battery life

Touch Free Washroom – AutoFlush Side Mount

AutoFlush® Sidemount / AutoFlush® Clamp / AutoFlush® for Tank Toilets

AutoFlush® systems easily automate a variety of different flushometer valves (Sloan, Zurn, Toto, Teck, Crane, Tempus) with or without removing the handle. This system promotes hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination, while ensuring fixtures are flushed and presentable. Systems incorporate dry cam-gear technology, which eliminates outdated solenoids that lead to costly repairs. The angled lens reduces unwanted flushes by redirecting the sensing zone. The system also has a two to three year battery life.

Touch Free Washroom – One Shot Dispenser

Automatic Soap System

- Perfect complement for the AutoFaucet® SST
- Easily installs into an existing 1″ counter top hole
- Promotes healthy hand washing
- Reduces cross-contamination
- Four high quality premium soap formulas
- 800 mL refill delivers up to 1,000 hand washes
- 1600 mL refill delivers up to 2,000 hand
- Each refill comes with a new pump and delivery tube – ensures no drips or clogs
- Red LED light indicator signals time for a new refill
- Yellow LED light indicator signals batteries are low
- 2 year battery life