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Kitchen Care

Fryer Tuck Boilout

Use Fryer Tuck as your first step to better tasting fried foods. Regular cleaning of your deep fryer will help keep your oil fresh longer, and will stop burned on carbon and greases from contaminating new oil. Fryer Tuck is specially formulated with a blend of wetting agents, water conditioners, and high alkaline chemicals to remove heavy stubborn grease.





Griddle John’s Grill & Oven Cleaner

Griddle John Grill and Oven Cleaner is an excellent grease and carbon cutter. Griddle John offers no noxious fumes, a hint of citrus while cleaning, yet tough on grease. Griddle John is a thick product designed to cling to vertical surfaces via the foam sprayer included in every case. After using Griddle John you will find cleaning your grill and oven easier and safer.









Robin’s Hood & Kitchen Degreaser

Robin’s Hood Cleaner and & Kitchen Degreaser is a concentrated, all metal safe product for cleaning, maintenance, and degreasing of hoods, and other washable surfaces. Activated with water, it is safe, non-abrasive, and biodegradeable. At varying dilutions, it will safely and economically remove grease, grime, dirt, and the toughest stains.