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Specialty Care Products

SaniCell™ Tank SaniCell Features:
SaniCell™ super concentrated fixture cleaner forsparkling clean toilets. Concentrated formulas attackand eliminate sources of odor in the bowl, clean fixture

surfaces and maintaining drains continuously.

Enhances Cleanliness and Image Round-the-Clock

SaniCell™ is uniquely designed to dramatically improve the overall cleanliness and image of any washroom. Concentrated formulas eliminate odor causing bacteria.

Easy Installation

Discreetly installs inside tank toilets and continuously cleans with no moving parts. Delivery tube clips onto the overflow tube, delivering concentrated formula to those hard to reach areas, such as rim holes, and ensures the fixture is clean.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Dispenser and Refill components are recyclable. Fuel Cell operated refill eliminates the disposal of batteries.

World-Class Reliability

Award winning fuel cell technology delivers consistent metered dosing of concentrated formula which prevents build up of uric scale in pipes and hard water deposits on fixture surfaces

- 30 or 60 Day Refill Cycles
- Latching Cover
- Simple Installation
- Fuel Cell
- Purinel® SC Formula
- Easy Refill Installation
- Simply push in and turn to secure refill

Purinel SC Refills: SaniCell™ for Tank Toilets:

Stock# Description

750378….. Purinel® SC Clear

750865….. Purinel® SC Blue

Case Pack: 6; Case weight: 2.1 lbs.; Case Cube: 0.09ft3

Stock# Description

750375….. SaniCell™ Tank Dispenser

(Includes: SaniCell™ Dispenser, 30/60 day chip and inserts for flapper or tower type flush valves.)

Case Pack: 12; Case weight: 5.7 lbs.; Case Cube: 0.60 ft3

Toilet Seat Cleaning System
An easy to use Toilet Seat Cleaning system, that ensures a clean toilet seat for the user. The specially developed “Take a Seat” cleaning liquid is sprayed on the toilet paper, which is used to wipe the toilet seat. The “Take a Seat” liquid evaporates quickly leaving a clean surface for the user.

- This Toilet Seat Cleaning system is easy to use and ensures a clean toilet seat.
- An effective solution compared to more complicated and expensive systems.
- “Take a Seat” liquid dries quickly.
- Cost effective.
- Secured with an integrated lock.